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One Indian electronics professor didn’t come to play when it was time to hit the dance floor at a wedding.

Sanjeev Shrivastava was dancing like it was 1987 to the song “Aap Ke Aa Jane Se,” which was featured in the Bollywood film Khudgarz

Sanjeev’s moves have gotten him over one million views on Facebook and he’s since been recognized by celebrities across India.

One of the stars from Khudgarz and the original singer of the songGovinda, even showed Sanjeev some love. “I love his moves,” he said.  “Sanjeevji’s dance is mind-blowing and out of the world. I hope we see more of him in the future.”

Since the clip went viral, Sanjeev said he’s barely gotten any rest.

“I could never imagine that I’d become famous for my dance moves,” the 46-year-old told BBC. “I dance with my children at home every Sunday to keep in touch with it.”

Hopefully, these aren’t the last steps we’ll see from Mr. Shrivastava.


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