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Cropped view of black man in church choir robe

Source: kali9 / Getty

Thaddeus Matthews aka “The Cussing Pastor” has social media talking about his viral sermons again.

Since December 2017, the leader of the Naked Truth Liberation & Empowerment Ministries has been building a digital congregation with videos that encourage followers to participate in “Shut They Ass Down Saturdays” and “I Don’t Give A Fuck Fridays.”

Matthews’ social media profile has trended multiple times since this video, which includes him dubbing himself “The Cussing Pastor” and claiming to have raised $6,000 for a mother in need.

In May, Pastor Matthews famously beefed with the Mr. “Delivert” himself and added to his viral legend with a ridiculous funeral home commercial (below).

Watch Matthews share more of his vulgar word below and hit the jump for other rated-R messages from The Cussing Pastor.

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