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We’re not sure if the the Drake and Pusha T beef is officially over, but in the words of Drizzy himself “We waited four days, n**** where you at?!”


Aubrey did make a slight reaapearance on social media after a fan asked where his response diss to Push was. He replied:


Folks have been dragging Drake for being sensitive for so long that no one probably has took the time to consider the struggles the 6 God has problems had to encounter in his life. So we listed some possible ones for you:


1. Growing up biracial in a predominately Jewish community

Maybe this childhood insecurity is why Drake doesn’t speak too much on Black issues. Pusha T sure exposed his Achilles heel.


2. Not having his dad around


In his track “0-100”, Drake rapped, “I been ready since my dad said he was coming to the house to get me / he ain’t show up. Valuable lesson, man I had to grow up”

3. Aaliyah’s death


Drake has never been shy about his love for Aaliyah. The tattoo, multiple songs dedicated to her. He even has her face on his earpiece when he performs sometimes.

4. Losing J.Lo to A. Rod. 


In 2016, Drake and J.Lo trolled us all, making us think they’d be the next big power couple in Hollywood. Then the next thing we knew, she was boo’d up with A. Rod. He even rapped about losing her in his song “Diplomatic Immunity”.

5. Getting his heartbroken by Rihanna 

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Drake has expressed his love for Rih Rih so many times that it started to make her uncomfortable. In a recent interview, the Bad Gal revealed that her and Drizzy “don’t have a friendship [now].” Ouch!

6. Getting slapped by Diddy 

Rumor has it that Diddy laid the paws on Drizzy over the “0-100” beat. Neither camp has confirmed — but Charlamagne says he knows what’s up.

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