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Just last week, the International House Of Pancakes announced that they’d be doing major rebranding by changing their name from IHOP to IHOB.


After a whole weekend of folks morning the death of their childhood pancake house and trying to guess the new name, the restaurant finally revealed that the new “B” in IHOB stands for Burgers —and folks are not pleased.


We all know that IHOP has always served burgers, but were they ever good enough to rename the entire brand after?

If you’re one of the people who thinks the food chain is just trolling, check out this promo pic that leaked on Twitter:


IHOP even changed their Twitter info, officially.


Times are definitely changing, folks. First Pusha T bodies Drake in a rap battle, then Dennis Rodman says he plans to meet with Trump and Kim Jong Un. Now the International House Of Pancakes is the International House Of Burgers.


Check on your local Waffle House — we can’t afford to lose them.

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