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If you thought Drake and Pusha T’s brief rap beef was intense or potentially dangerous, you probably haven’t been paying attention to the drama between Chief Keef and Tekashi 69.


Chief Keef has been popping up in hoods all across America trying to find Tekashi — but 69 hasn’t been hiding. Earlier this week, he was spotted in Keef’s hometown of Chicago giving burgers to the homeless.



Then, the Bushwick rapper pulled the ultimate gangsta move and posted up in Chief Keef’s “O-Block” neighborhood, just to stunt for the innanets.

But the icing on top of the Troll cake happened on Wednesday when Tekashi took Keef’s baby mama Gucci shopping after she claimed the 300 God, “Don’t do sh**t for his kid.”


Has the rainbow-haired goon crossed the line?

Lots of people thought that Pusha T rapping about OVO 40’s sickness was a bit too far:

And people flamed Drake for mentioning Kid Cudi’s mental illness on the not-so-subliminal diss track “Two Birds One Stone.”


But all’s fair in hip hop wars, right?


It may seem like all fun and games now, but we’ve all seen what happens when rap beefs turn into real beefs.


RIP to Biggie and Pac — and check out some other brazy moments when hip hop beef went from wax to the streets.

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