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READING Festival 2016 - Day 2

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On Friday, Nas fans were hype with the announcement of his new album Nasir.

Folks could get a preview of the much anticipated album via a live streaming of the listening party in New York.

Once the party was over, surely fans were ready to hop right on Spotify, Apple Music, or Tidal to further enjoy the Queensbridge spitter’s work.

However, as soon as 12 a.m. hit…crickets.


Then you think…okay, it’s only 12:01…I’ll give Nas like 30 mins….

…30 mins later…


Then you think, okay I’ll just go to bed and Nasir will be fresh on my Spotify landing page in the morning!

Morning hits…


Then right before you go into panic mode…you remember the old days of listening to stuff on YouTube…and THANK GOODNESS someone had the decency to upload Nasir illegally. Not to mention, you can still enjoy the tracks via the live streaming link.

But then you end up thinking, my playlist would be lit with this one Nas track and I’m too lazy to put in the extra work of looking for downloadable files.

…It would all be so simple with streaming.


As of 11:50 a.m. Nasir was still nowhere to be found on streaming. But, no worries…surely we’ll get it by the time the day is over (hopefully).

Meanwhile, folks on social media were definitely waiting on Nas like the first and the fifteenth, and some weren’t too happy about it. Swipe through for some hilarious commentary on the Nasir waiting game.

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