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Drake 2005 Teen Choice Awards

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Can you believe it’s been 8 years since Drake dropped his debut album, Thank Me Later?


After dropping fire singles like “Fancy”, “Find Your Love” and “Over”  back in 2010, Drizzy has been non-stop with the hits. Remember he told on “0-100”, “really with the sh**s, I should prolly sign to Hitboy cause I got all the hits boy.”


But before he trained us to believe in his 6 God, King of Radio status — Aubrey was just a newly signed kid, who could only hope to sell 200K records in his first week. And boy did he surpass his own expectations. 


Drake went on to sell 447,000 in the first week and forever changed the way music sales were being counted.


Check out a younger, less confident Drake in 2009 talking about Thank Me Later and being totally unaware of how much of an impact he’d have on the game today. 

It’s wild that the guy who bodied Meek and triggered Pusha T was once a beardless, aspiring rapper. 


From sipping Champagne dolo, to becoming Champagne Papi — if Drizzy can do it, so can you.