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Joseline Hernandez just confirmed her return to reality television.

The Puerto Rican Princess made the decision to put all the drama of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta behind her, when she abruptly quit last year during the reunion.

Her decision may have seemed sketchy to most, but Joseline insisted that she didn’t need VH1 or Mona Scott.

Turns out she was right, as Ms. Hernandez just announced her new project with WeTV, meaning we can expect more of her viral moments and wise words.

Joseline Takes Miami will start filming in July and is being produced by former Real Housewives of Atlanta‘s Carlos Kingand. The premise of the show will follow Joseline’s life as a single mother to the adorable Bonnie Bella.

In the wake of Joeseline’s news, Elysé Nichele got to thinking: “Wow, reality TV was dry during her departure.”

So, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Click through for 10 life lessons The Baddest Puta taught us leading up to her new show.

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