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'Cadaver on autopsy table, label tied to toe, close-up'

Source: Darrin Klimek / Getty

One South African morgue got the surprise of their life (or deaths) when a woman thought to be dead was found breathing.

According to BBC, the woman was brought to the Carletonville morgue in the Gauteng province of South Africa after a road accident.

Ambulance company Distress Alert said she had shown “no form of life.” They sent her to the morgue and packed her in the fridge, but when a worker returned to check on the body, they found her breathing.

The unnamed woman is now being treated in a hospital. An investigation is being carried out as to what caused the false declaration.

Her family was, of course, shook.

“As a family we won’t talk about this unless the police, paramedics and the mortuary officials who were involved are present. We need answers,” one family member said.

Distress Alert operations manager Gerrit Bradnick said there was “no proof of any negligence” from members of the company.

This isn’t the first time someone has so-called risen from the dead. Back in January, an inmate at a jail in Spain regained consciousness before an autopsy was about to be performed…and it was three doctors who pronounced him dead.


Let’s just say if you scare easily, definitely don’t work at a morgue.

Bodies coming back to life is enough to terrify you out your own body.