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2015 WEEN Awards

Source: Johnny Nunez / Getty

Charlamagne Tha God has come a long was since getting snuffed by local goons on the way to work.


He was actually a victim of a clout chasing crime before we even knew what that meant. It was a warm, Summer morning in 2012 when two guys (or three or five) ran up on C as he made his way into the office and asked the infamous line, “Whas Good My G, can I get a drop?” And the rest is viral history.


The Donkey Of The Day segement was certainly on fire that morning. Charlamagne gave the title to the five oldheads that tried to jump him and the cameraman for recording.


Since then, the radio host has survived being threatened by everyone from Fredro Starr to Mo’Nique. God must be watching over him.