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WASHINGTON, DC - AUGUST 14: President Donald Trump gives the th

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Good afternoon,

As we mentioned earlier in the day, the U.K. is not here for Donald Trump‘s visit.

During his four-day trip, protesters in London have already raised a giant balloon of a “Trump Baby” in diapers.

Now, more folks overseas are protesting 45 in the most brilliant way.

On Moat Farm in the Stoke Mandeville region of the U.K., a giant crop circle was created which says “блядь” in Russian and “Trump” directly beneath it. The Russian word translates to “whore,” but can also be used as an exclamation, such as “sh*t” or “damn.”

Knowing this, the crop circle probably reads “F*ck Trump.”

Trump is expected to fly directly over the crop circle from London to Chequers — so hopefully the pilot will fly low enough for him to see it.


According to the farmer who owns the field, he agreed to the crop circle in light of a financial transaction. The art could ruin his crops, so the money would act as “remuneration” for the damages.

A British marketing agency, The Tenth Man, is responsible for the work, along with “crop circle specialists” Circlemakers. They wanted to send a bold message to 45 that he wouldn’t be able to miss. “It’s almost as big as Donald Trump’s ego so we’re pretty confident he’ll see it,” a spokesperson for The Tenth Man told The Bucks Herald.


What a great day to be a horrible president.