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TK Kravitz hit up Global Grind to talk his newest album, 2.0, and we ended up learning a few interesting details about the “Ocean” R&B singer in the process. Formerly one-half of TK-N-Cash, Kravitz took a few moments to elaborate on a couple topics from his 12-song project, giving us his definition of “f*ck boy proof” as well as sharing his strategy for protecting himself against “the bullsh*t.” Get into that and more in our quick chat below.

On Being Raised Differently And Not Forgetting His Morals

“When I say ‘raised different’ I mean just the way I was brought up, like the things I was taught, my mindset. My grandma, my family in general—my momma and my daddy—always taught me to respect everybody, you know? Respect a bum on the street like you respect the CEO of the company. So, that’s how you move and I just feel like a lot of people just lost track of that—they get bigger than their britches, get the big head and forget morals. All morals go out the window and that’s just something I stand ten toes down on, so I say ‘I was raised different.'”

On What He Does To Protect His Space And Energy

“Keep my circle small, pray hard, and listen to my first mind. Nine times out of ten you can see bullsh*t, but a lot of people try to be passive—and I’m a passive person—but you can see the bullsh*t from a mile away…you just sometimes tend to be like ‘I might could change this person’…but you know bullsh*t, you can see it from a mile away.”

Defining “F*ck Boy Proof”

“Do everything that a f*ck boy don’t do. Disloyal, untrustworthy, talk behind your back—that’s a f*ckboy. So, I’m f*ckboy proof…I don’t rock like that.”

His Favorite Song To Record On 2.0

“Had to be ‘Lumpsum’ ’cause I was just playing with my voice…I was going high, going low, just playing around. So, that was the funnest. All my songs are fun to record, but that was [experimental].”

~ @KingSukii

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