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All signs are pointing to Carmelo Anthony ending up on the Houston Rockets, alongside James Harden and Chris Paul.

It could still take several days for the move to go through, as Melo’s trade from the Thunder to the Hawks is still being cleared.

Once that deal is done, Melo will be waived by the Hawks, freeing him to sign in Houston.

It’s exciting news for Rockets fans, who can look forward to watching a team made of some of the best offensive players in NBA history compete for the title next year.

“Melo’s a proven vet,” Rockets MVP James Harden told local news. “He just wants to win at this point, so it would be great for him to be on our team.”

For fans wondering why the future Hall of Famer was traded, Oklahoma City is projected to save nearly $75 million in luxury-tax payments by sending Carmelo out of town.

That puts Atlanta on the hook for his $27.9 million salary this season, the final year of the five-year contract originally signed with the Knicks in 2014.

On top of that ridiculous check, Melo’s new $2.4 million deal with Houston will be worth the league’s veteran minimum.