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President Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting At The White House

Source: Win McNamee / Getty

Surprise, surprise.

Someone out there don’t like Donnie.

Early Wednesday morning someone went straight-up Misery on Donald Trump‘s Hollywood Walk of Fame star.


Authorities arrived on the scene only to find dust and rubble where Donnie’s star once was.

They also found a pick-ax nearby.

…so clearly the demolition person wanted to send a message.


…just how we like it.


Trump first got the star back in 2007 when he was on NBC’s The Apprentice. This isn’t the first time it was smashed to bits, according to

Two years ago, someone went in on that thang with a sledgehammer. One James Otis pleaded no contest to felony vandalism and received three years probation, 20 days of community service and a $4,400 fine.

And let’s also not forget all the times people have defaced Trump’s star over the last few years.


*Sniff, sniff, tear.*

Good to know the resistance is still going strong.