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Trey Songz Celebrates His Birthday At Lavo Nightclub

Source: Steven Lawton / Getty

Can you believe it’s been 14 years since Trey Songz blessed us with his first album Gotta Make It? It changed the way we view Rhythm & Blues forever.


But unfortunately for artists like Trigga, who are consistent with classic hits, they tend to go unnoticed and not get the credit they deserve.

Folks have been blinded by young cats like Jacquees calling himself the King of R&B for so long that they’ve been missing out on the living legend that is Trey Songz.

I mean, have you heard his TRIGGAMIX to Meg The Stallions Big Ole Freak? Whew. 

We put a together a list of Trigga bangers that probably slip through the cracks, but you NEED to have them in your rotation.

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