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Soulja Boy

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If he wasn’t rapper/producer, Soulja Boy could low-key be a comedian. He’s been big trolling and making the world laugh ever since he realized his Crank Dat days were over. Fast forward to 2019 and Soulja still out here doing Gif-worthy things. Back in January, the rapper and Marriage Boot Camp star stopped by the Breakfast Club, and boy oh boy was that a treat.

Not only did Big Draco try to prove to everyone (once again) that he’s a pioneer in the hip hop, but he went as far as to say he taught Drake everything he knows. When Charlamagne and DJ Envy said Drake was the biggest rapper in the world, Soulja’s response was hella sound bite worthy.

“Drakkkee?? The n**** that got bodied by Pusha T? The n***a that was hiding his kid from the world and the world was hiding from his kid. Aubrey Graham in the wheelchair? Drake? Stop playing with me like I ain’t tell Drake everything he know. He copied my who f****g flow! Don’t act like I aint make Drake.”


But it didn’t end there. Soulja says he used to get blamed for killing hip hop and was shunned by all the OG’s when he first hit the scene. Now they love working with young, fun artist. Does he have a point?

“I’m the reason all these artist have a social media..very artist in the game, every record label owe me 5% bruh”



He was a troll before trolling had a name, and his unintentional humor has made us laugh for over ten years. Hit the flip to check out all the times Big Draco had us laughing out loud.

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