O’Rourke will go up against incumbent Ted Cruz as the Texas state senator in the November midterm elections.

Of course, Ted peeped all the viral attention O’Rourke was getting and had a response for Twitter…

Heavy criticism for kneeling has been around ever since Colin Kaepernick started it back in 2016 to protest police brutality. Since then, Kaep has struggled to find a NFL team to call home, most likely due to his political actions.

LeBron is one of many athletes who have also been outspoken on racial injustice. His politics have drawn criticism most notably from Donald Trump.

Under this climate, O’Rourke could be a breath of fresh air, especially for a conservative-leaning football state like Texas. He’s already gotten buzz even before his viral clip about kneeling.

NowThis covered him back in 2017 for his position against the U.S.-Mexico border walls. You can check out the clip below and let us know if you’re riding with O’Rourke or nah!

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