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10th Annual BAMcinemaFest Opening Night Premiere Of 'Sorry To Bother You'

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One of the most devastating things to see right smack dab in the middle of August is a back-to-school ad.

It serves as a cruel reminder that the summer is about to end, so students are back in school, employees are back to work and summer vacations will become a distant memory.

Aside from the obvious work involved with the fall, the end of the summer also means you have to return to people who you may or may not like. A sunny day of venting turns into the dark cool atmosphere of passive aggressiveness, inconsiderate school teachers or colleagues who you want to fight.

Luckily, five summer movies were released this year that beautifully portrayed the toils and troubles of the work life. From crappy bosses to popular kids who do the devil’s work, these five flicks could give you some tips on how to move through the BS.

Hit the next pages to peep which summer movies you should watch before that dreaded return to work!

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