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A Star is Born is the new movie from Warner Bros that’s getting a lot of Oscar buzz after a successful premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper and Dave Chappelle come together to tell the story of a seasoned musician Jackson Maine who discovers a struggling artist Ally who works at a restaurant while doing side gigs at bars around town. Jackson who was on a search for another drink stops in a drag bar where Ally is performing and it’s love at first site. During one of his shows, he coaxes her into the spotlight and Ally becomes a big star. But as their relationship plays out to find out that Jackson’s demons will end up haunting the both of them.

I headed to Toronto to discuss their new film A Star Is Born for an episode of Extra Butter. Bradley and Gaga discuss their on-camera chemistry as well as the price of fame. Bradley Cooper explained, “Fame is a result of being able to do what you… Fame comes from the success of being able to tell your story and have it be healing or entertaining and that’s the goal in life.”

Gaga, who plays Ally says that her friendship with Bradley Cooper provided a sacred environment on set, “He used to tell me in the movie to Ally, all you have to do is trust me. That was very easy to do because he is so kind and so loving. He’s a brilliant filmmaker and I just wanted to give everything I had to him in this film.”

Dave chimes in about how much he enjoys Bradley Cooper’s directing style. “The way he directed me and the way we would talk about the scene, and the way he would create an environment that gave me the courage to actually be vulnerable in a way that comedy would never let me be. I never felt threatened or unsafe,” Dave Chappelle said.

The movie is in theaters everywhere October 5th, 2018, be sure to keep checking back to GloblGrind for more Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine