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Vivian Green is one of those artists whose music and talent is stained in our memory, regardless of how long it’s been since she’s released new music.


We first met the songstress back in 2001 when she stole our hearts with her lyrics and range in Emotional Rollercoaster — and nearly 20 years later, she’s back, better and bringing new music.

Viv recently released a new music video for her second single “Vibes” off her album VGVI and we caught up with the star to chat about all things rhythm and blues.

Check out our convo with the star below:

Vibes” sounds so refreshing and timeless! What was the inspiration behind the song?

Thanks so much! Kwame and I wanted it to have a 90’s R&B/soul feel like much of the VGVI album. Vibes in particular made me think of “Soul 2 Soul” when he was creating the music. Kwame’s drums are always so hip hop, that he has this way of making a classic sound current.

You’re pretty much a Vet in the game. Which R&B artists from today do you listen to?

From today? That just makes me sound old haha. I really appreciate H.E.R. I love how she makes it about the music and not what she looks like. It’s refreshing and she has a gorgeous voice. That said my favorite music is from the 70’s and early 80’s and I’m not sure if we’ll ever reach that kind of genius and greatness again.

How do you think the industry has changed since we were first introduced to you in 2001?

Well I was introduced at the end of 2002, and it’s completely changed since then. Itunes and later social media changed everything. Itunes closed the record stores which I hated, but it definitely did some good by allowing indie artists with no label affiliation whatsoever, to have a platform and be heard. I think that is a great thing. Social media on the other hand is a different monster. Many are obsessed with vanity and it’s so weird for me personally. I do think it can be great for social injustice awareness and other movements, but as a recording artist it is a struggle because I am an extremely private person. Pray for me

Where were you when you found out about Aretha Franklin?’ How did she impact your life?

I think I was in the car. I knew she had been ill so I wasn’t shocked. This part of life is just a piece of the journey the soul makes so while I was sad for her family, I didn’t cry. She lived a beautiful life and left an amazing legacy for us all.

I know people call me a “soul singer” but I certainly don’t have a super soulful church voice. So when listening to Aretha I just zone out. It’s a spiritual experience. Trying to sing along was always pointless. I’ll never stop listening to her records. Not ever. Also her contributions to the black community was always something I deeply admired. May she forever rest in power.

Which visuals from VGVI are coming next?

I’m not sure just yet. Trying to figure that out.

What else are you working on?

I’m working on album #7 and I have been working on my special needs campaign called I Am Different I Am Human for quite sometime now. Hopefully I’ll be launching in 2019 or sooner. As the mother of a special needs child I have a huge passion and responsibility.