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We have to give respect where respect is due. When it comes to iconic looks in the hip hop game, there’s not a rapper on this planet who has done it the way Lil Kim has done it. At a time where female rappers had a signature look, Lil Kim did her own thing, paved her own way and created her own iconic character. Her look was so unique to her that every year, someone channeling Lil Kim for Halloween. You’ve got to be pretty legendary to have people dress up as you when they can literally be anything and anyone in the world.

Cardi B has joined the growing list of celebrities to pay tribute to Lil Kim. In the recently released video for Pardison (Pardi) Fontaine’s “Backin It Up”, Bardi takes us back to “Crush On U” Kim with the red glasses, wig and fur coat. The music video set even gives us a some Kimmy Blanco vibes.

Though Cardi hasn’t outright come out and said this was an ode to Lil Kim, we can’t help but notice that the resemblance to Kim’s iconic looks are there. Plus, she’s mentioned Kim as one of her inspirations several times in the past. Check out the video below.


Cardi B obviously isn’t the only person to channel Lil Kim. Let’s hit the flip to see some of the other times Kim was given her flowers by other celebrities.

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