Theory #1: Nathan is undocumented 

Remember that Nathan went missing in action when Issa texted him about an investigation Lyft was doing. Back in episode one, Nathan threw hands with a rude customer Issa and Molly were driving. The man Nathan punched could have pressed charges and gotten the police involved. If Nathan was an undocumented immigrant, this could have meant trouble for him.

Also, remember in episode four Nathan said he moved to L.A. from Houston, Texas after a hurricane destroyed his place. Though undocumented immigrants reside in various parts of the U.S., Houston is one of the cities listed by Time last year as having the most undocumented immigrant population. L.A. is the city that has the second largest population behind New York.

Since Issa was the driver in the Lyft investigation, any contact with her could potentially threaten Nathan’s resident status, therefore he still might be active on social media, but his relationship with Issa had to end.


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