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Sometimes you just gotta break the rules. That’s the main premise in Smallfoot a movie about a Yeti society that’s ran using some archaic laws set in stone that everyone must live by. On the outside, the rules appear to work, but in reality, they are all a bunch of bs that gets exposed when a yeti named Migo, stumbles on to a human being that this movie calls a small foot.

Starring Common, Channing Tatum, Yara Shahidi, Gina Rodriguez, Lebron James, and Zendaya this movie addresses some serious issues about inclusion, accepting each other’s differences and being open to change. On this episode of Extra Butter w/ Xilla Valentine, I go behind the scenes of Warner Bros new movie Smallfoot hitting theaters everywhere this Friday to find out how Common and Channing broke rules to become successful, how the protection Yara Shahidi and Gina Rodriguez affects them, as well as talk about the booty of a yak.

While this kid’s movie is very “woke” it’s also very silly as Channing Tatum points out during our conversation, saying, “We are touching and tackling some very current stuff but it’s also really hilarious to be talking about the sky snail and the great butt of the sky yak! I think it’s a palatable way for kids to be brought into something that’s a little deeper and still be able to enjoy it so it’s not some heavy thing that we have to fear.”

Gina Rodriguez gives voice to a yeti named Kolka who is a very curious science nerd that isn’t afraid to seek more than just what’s set in the stones the yetis live by. She loved the message of the film and revealed that is one of the reasons she took this role. “Ideally, you’re working on projects you feel confident about and you stand next to and you love the message and I think that was a huge draw for me,” Gina revealed.

Smallfoot really kicks into another level with Migo and his group of banishes yetis venture out into the human world to find the truth about the legend of the small foot. That goes against all the rules but it was a necessary risk that he had to take to prove The Stonekeeper, played by Common wrong. I asked Common to reflect on a time when he had to break to rules and he revealed it was when his mother told him to choose school over music.

I had to break the rules to pursue my music career, Common said. Adding, “She meant well, in the same way, The Stonekeeper does, this is what I know to be right, this will protect you, stay in school that’s the safe way to do it. Although it wasn’t a written rule I had to break that rule to go after my dream.”

Overall Smallfoot is a very fun kids film that is filled with a ton of messages perfect for the time we live in, with a lot of light moments kids will enjoy. The movie hits theaters everywhere, Friday, September 28th.


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