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Global Grind attended the “Night School” screening during premiere night of UrbanWorld Film Festival in New York last week and it was, dare we say, quite educational.

UrbanWorld Film Festival held the screening at SVA Theatre. Malcolm D. Lee, an UrbanWorld alum, directed the film, which stars Kevin Hart, Tiffany Haddish, Megalyn Echikunwoke Anne Winters, Rob Riggle, Taran Killam, Romany Malco, Fat Joe, Bresha Webb and so many other hilarious talents.

The film tells the story of Teddy Walker (Kevin Hart) who dropped out of high school as a senior. He went on to have a semi-successful career but when circumstances outside of his control occur, he ends up needing to get his GED to get his life back on track.

The film is full of laughs and it make you cry a little bit. But here are some things we learned during the screening itself, thanks to a Q&A UrbanWorld held after the film.


1. Malcolm D. Lee original turned down the film.

Will Packer revealed to the UrbanWorld audience that director Malcolm D. Lee turned down working with him for “Night School.” According to Malcolm Lee, the original script written by Kevin Hart wasn’t very good. However, after some thinking (and reconstruction of the script) things turned out great.


2. Kevin Hart’s defense of Tiffany Haddish is never-ending. 

While at UrbanWorld Film Festival, amongst all of the media in attendance, Kevin Hart used the opportunity to once again defend Tiffany Haddish and tell the naysayers to stop the hate.

Here’s what he said below.

“We’re in a business where people of color have asked for an opportunity. People of color have said we asked for an opportunity. We’re now in a position where people of color are not only getting these opportunities, but we’re getting recognized. I just said that she won an Emmy. I can name people of color who have won Oscars. I can say that this road to equality is a long road that we’re fighting but we are seeing progress. When you see people in a position where they’re winning and they’re one of us, celebrate those people and don’t choose to tear them down. You become part of the problem. I ask you guys as media and as part of the press, don’t be a part of the problem. Be a part of the solution. Celebrate us when we see us winning. We can’t win as people if we don’t allow us to open up the door for more of us.”


3. If at first you don’t succeed.

As you check out Night School on September 28th, you’ll find a common theme. It’s all about second chances. You’ll leave the film understanding that things don’t always go right the first time but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t meant to happen. You’ll also understand that despite how difficult things may seem, it never pays to take shortcuts.


4. Will Packer and Kevin Hart are 7 movies in.

Night School marks the 7th time Kevin Hart has worked with film producer, Will Packer. The pair has scored 4 number 1 films and 2 number 2 films so far. They’re hoping to make Night School their 5th number 1 film at the box office. Some of their collaborations include Ride Along, Think Like A Man, and The Wedding Ringer.