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Everyone knows that every college has their own schtick. But when it comes to Historically Black Colleges & University, each institute has a unique personality that students usually wound up embodying after they graduate.


School slogans and mottos aside, HBCU’s develop their own personified reputations of the years, just like anything else regarding Black folks. And people who opted to attend a Predominately White Institute missed out on a once in a lifetime experience, and they all know it, too. One Twitter user wrote:  “Still wish that I went to an HBCU so I could have met real black boys, that would actually drool over my beautiful chocolate skin.”


Another cosigned, “I went to 3 PWIs before going to Howard (long story lol). If college is your route as a black person, the more wholesome and welcoming experience, IMO, is amongst your own”

The only thing about attending a Black College is that it’s so hard to choose which one. Obviously, the best choice would be whichever school has a good program based on your major  — but realistically, some folks just want to attain a higher education, all while being around people with similar interest — whether that include partying, being in the band, or just being attending college to join a sorority or fraternity.


We’re not sure if it’s the different states that make each HBCU different or what, but some folks even rotate schools just to get the feel and taste of each one. Like one Twitter user who wrote: “As a person that went to 3 HBCUs (Howard, A&T and Bethune-Cookman) I can say my college experience provided me with the most fulfilling & life-building moments. Nothing like an HBCU.”

Then there are folks like Omarosa who went to three different Black colleges (Central State, Payne, and Howard University) and still doesn’t have a freakin’ clue. Just like with Black folks all across the globe, the orgins and foundations may be the same, but each individual piece is it’s own unique expression of the greater whole.


Obviously, loyalty is an important aspect of the HBCU experience — but take our quiz to find out which HBCU you REALLY should have gone to. You may be surprised with the results.

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