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What’s going on with the weather, NYC?

Welcoming fall is supposed to be a joyous occasion, a gradual introduction to crisp winds and the occasional dip in temperatures—but last week it was 80 degrees and now it’s brick azz. We need answers. New Yorkers have been left feeling—and looking—hella confused, as we try to find the middle ground between staying warm and not looking like straight up winter.

These months before the holiday season are supposed to be our time to break out our flyest sweatsuits, constructs, Nike Techs…wash and sets that actually last. But like your boy Lenny Kravitz in the photo up top, we really don’t know what season we’re in. Do we put away all of our summer clothes even though temperatures could shoot up again? Do we take out our winter coats? Is it okay to wear a scarf yet? Or, do we just accept that we might catch a little ‘monia in the days to come? And someone tell us, what’s the consensus on Uggs?

Trump, bless his heart, seems to think even though “something” is wrong, it’ll reverse itself. He told 60 Minutes this week, “Something’s changing and it’ll change back again.” Um…WHAT?!

While 45 is acting like he couldn’t care less, NYers are super annoyed. This guy, primed for hoodie weather, expressed the disappointment we’ve all been feeling deep down inside:

While lacking melanin or any sign of Black folks existing in NY, this meme really sums things up neatly:

Even Ryan Seacrest is fed up. Six days ago he took to the innanets to say what every NY’er has literally been saying all day for the past few weeks:

It’s a lot…especially because we have other things to do that don’t include thinking about what to wear all day—like, figuring out which bae is our best cuddle option for Cuffing Season ’18. As for the rest of this week, it looks like temperature highs will be between 51 and 64 degrees with lows between 39 and 54 degrees. Whatever that means. But the good news is…we probably won’t have to deal with any rain.

Hit the flip for more hilarious tweets about NYC weather. Hopefully, it’ll just go ahead and even itself on out like Trump suggested it would…but realistically, we don’t see him being right about anything anytime soon. That, we can predict.

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