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Earlier this month, R&B duo Ar’mon & Trey dropped their single “Right Back.” The song, about an ex who f*cked up, spawned the #RightBackChallenge and now all your faves are remixing the song with their own tea. Cue Queen Naija, her ex-husband Chris Sails, and her new zaddy Clarence White.

Queen Naija and Clarence are expecting their first child together and it seems the baby news has her old thang/original baby daddy feeling a way. A couple days ago, Chris hit Instagram with his #RightBackChallenge and for some reason it’s all about Queen.

“To do this challenge, I was hesitant/I know I cough a lot but you the one that needs the Medicine,” he rapped, referencing Queen’s Hot 100 hit song. He went on to shoutout another one of her tracks and shade Clarence, rapping “Karma is a bitch and I’m accepting it/No offense to dude, but if not for you he wouldn’t be relevant.”

After being shady, Chris then claimed he wasn’t trying to start anything…whew chile, the deliriousness. “Like I Said Y’all This Ain’t for no controversy or none of that man,” he captioned the clip. “❤️ I just wanted to participate in the challenge, all love to both parties, please if your being negative just keep it to yourself, all positive vibes.”

Well, Clarence has since responded, saying Chris is obviously hurt that Queen moved on. He also alluded to Chris physically and verbally abusing Queen during their marriage. In a Youtube video titled One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure (Reaction), Clarence made things plain as day:

“You know if you mention my name or Queen’s name, it’s gonna blow up. And what you need? You need these views. I know you need these views…everybody got Social Blade.” Later on, he adds “There was another man that had the same girl and the same opportunity as I did. But what I choose to do, what I chose to do was lift her up, was encourage her. Make her feel beautiful. Make her feel like she’s a queen. Make sure she feels like no other woman could touch her.”

“What did that man decide to do? That man decided to break her down,” he continued, referring to Chris. “Tell her she was ugly, fat, all these other things and broke her down. Broke her spirit down [to] where she didn’t wanna do music. She didn’t wanna be seen. She didn’t want people to see her body. When I first met Queen she was a little wreck, I’ma be honest…she was scared. I remember sometimes I would go around her or I’ll lift a hand up, she would flinch. She was broken. She was literally broken and it broke my heart to see a girl like that, truthfully.”

Later he adds, “Now what you gotta do is live with that for the rest of your life, ’cause now that girl is happy with somebody else, starting a family with somebody else, and I know it gotta hurt…you just did a #RightBackChallenge on Queen, bro, when…you had a whole girlfriend though. What happened to Parker? How you skip over Parker and went straight to Queen?”

Watch him speak on it below, plus Chris and Queen’s #RightBackChallenge videos above. Also, more on what allegedly happened between Chris and Parker McKenna here.

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