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Migos In Concert - Atlanta, GA

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It seems like anything that Quavo, Offset and Takeoff do becomes a new thing in the culture. But even the Migos themselves probably didn’t know  they started something by letting Takeoff showoff his DJ’ing skills to Quavo’s “Lose It” featuring Lil Baby.


Thus the #DJTakeoff Challenge was born.


Takeoff is definitely the youngest, most reserved, most low-key member of the group, so it’s always interesting when he shows a tad bit of the personality we rarely get to see. Some even argue that Take is the best rapper in Migos — even though he was left off Bad & Boujee.


One fan tweeted, “Takeoff lives that hook lifestyle too tho, and y’all already said he the best rapper which is facts, he really the mvp, he had the squad on his back when he was like 18, 19 yrs old and offset was locked. I think he could make a better album.” 

But will everyone’s secretly favorite Migo get his just due? Will we finally get to hear all the Takeoff we deserve? Well, according to recent reports, — and Offset’s mom — Takeoff’s solo album will be coming after Quavo’s. In an Instagram comment to a fan questioning Takeoff’s absence from the American Music Awards, Miss Latabia Woodward wrote, “It’s still 3 of them. Take is working on his solo album which releases soon after Quavo’s. Each of them are releasing solo projects.”


Even Quavo admitted once that each member of the Migos has their own projects in the works. He told Hypebeast, “We’ve always had music stocked up, each of us on our own. That’s how we always had worked, the previous Migos records. We always go work on them first and then one person would be on the song and then we just make each other do homework. So now it’s just like we completing our own songs”

No word on when Takeoff’s solo effort will be released, but since Quavo’s dropped this month, and Cardi B announced that Offset was working on his — we can only assume that solo Take will be out later this year or early next year. But in the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the funniest #DJTakeoffChallenge videos.

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