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Family Enjoying Thanksgiving Dinner

Source: Paul Barton / Getty

It’s November 19th, so you know what that means — every foody’s favorite holiday is almost here!

When it comes to celebration and decorations, some folks tend to skip over Thanksgiving and go straight from Halloween to Christmas. But Black folks are very different in that regard.  Thanksgiving is a staple within Black families, as it allows everything we already love to come together in one space: food, music, family, and fun.

One Twitter user wrote, “November is the month you see who was raised right with their Thanksgiving hot takes. Like what’s your favorite/hated dessert? Do you eat turkey/ham? Are Black people out here eating pumpkin pie?”

Just like most things regarding Black folks, Thanksgivings with Black families have certain unwritten rules that everyone subconsciously knows and abides by. Like the fact that all the aunts have been cooking for two days, yet dinner won’t be ready until 3pm or later.

And let’s not forget the fact that Thanksgiving food has to last you about 3 weeks, because no one is cooking again until Christmas. @TheRealCoolie tweeted, “Black people cook too much, every time I open the fridge I feel like Ima be eatin Thanksgiving for the next 2 weeks.”

Facts! In honor of Turkey Day rapidly approaching, check 7 unwritten rules that every Black family lives by on Thanksgiving.

No eating all day until dinner time.

Brace yourself for nosey relatives tryna get all up in your business.

Even though you’re only going from the living room to the dining room all day, you must look cute.

Sneak a bite of the food if Grandma’s prayer is going on too long.

When your cousin says let’s take a walk, you take a walk if you want to have tolerance for your family and an appetite for the food.

Stay out of grown folks business, unless they ask for your opinion.

And again, Leftovers last until Christmas.