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Lobby Card For 'Bad Boys'

Source: John D. Kisch/Separate Cinema Archive / Getty

In an Instagram post that racked up over 2 million views in just one hour Will Smith announced that Bad Boys 4 Life the third installment in the Bad Boys franchise has begun filming. Will stated in his Instagram post, “Yo, I’m telling Y’all this is crazy, Wait. Just wait. It’s official, It’s official baby. Bad Boy III is happening It’s official.”

The script for the movie has been done for over a year now, but as we exclusively reported back in June of 2017 that the film was placed on hold for Will to film a Disney project which turned out to be the rumored Aladdin. Well, the movie wrapped filming earlier this year. Throw in some time for Will to celebrate his birthday by bungee jumping out of a helicopter for his 50th birthday now it’s time to get this film done.

Jerry Bruckheimer told us last year, “The script is very good and very funny.” Well, it looks like all the cards are falling into place as Variety reported last month, that a new draft of the script was approved by the producers, and Sony was aiming to begin filming in 2019.  So it seems like the time is right for the film to begin production now, Jerry explains that will all the talent involved, “you have to try to grab them at the right moment.”

“If we’re going to make another ‘Bad Boys’ after 15 years, it’s got to be next-level great,” said Columbia Pictures president Sanford Panitch,  as reported in Variety. Sony is confident this movie will work, especially after the success of Jumanji: Welcome To The Jungle pulled in close to a billion dollars, 20 years after the first one movie was released.

Paul Dergarabedian, a senior media analyst with ComScore said, “There are built-in recognition and affection for a brand and you know the premise has worked in the past.” He told Variety that was one of the benefits of remakes. Sony is also trying to create new franchises as well with Venon and December’s Miles Morales movie about a Black Spider-Man in the animated film, Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse”

A Bad Boys spinoff TV series from Sony Pictures TV called LA Finest was originally slated for NBC but was picked up by Charter Communications for 13 episodes, with each one being an hour long that stars Gabrielle Union and Jessica Alba.

Bad Boys 4 Life is scheduled to be released in 2020.