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Mark Wahlberg and Rose Bryne star in the new family comedy Instant Family from Paramount Pictures. Today on Extra Butter with Xilla Valentine I talk to the pair about their feel-good comedy. The movie follows Pete and Ellie, played by Mark and Rose, when they decide to start a family, only to end up in the world of foster care adoption. They in willing to take in one small child, but eventually fall in love with the idea of taking in three siblings, including a rebellious 15-year-old girl. Literally, overnight they go from zero to three kids and watching the new parents learn the ropes of instant parenthood in the hope of becoming a family is completely hilarious.

I went into this thinking a comedy about adoption, really! Surprisingly the movie really worked. Mark and Rose had instant chemistry on film, I asked them when did they know they had something. Mark said he knew it the moment Rose signed on to be in the film, “When we had our first table read rehearsal on the Sony lot, on a little soundstage and she is fantastic. Elle is such a great character, very well written, she is tough and no-nonsense. I loved the moment when she starts going in on her family and starts telling them what she’s going to do, after the idea of them being relieved that they weren’t going to adopt then she decides no we are going to do it, just to spite them.”

The movie has some really funny moments that make you laugh but shows the difficulty of foster care. There is a scene where Pete and Elle are having dinner with the kids and the youngest daughter demands potato chips. You can see that clip in this episode.

The pair kept showering each other with praise throughout the interview with Rose telling that Mark was a delight to work with revealing how he went to go serve the troops during his downtime filming. Instant Family is a funny film that is filled with heart and worth seeing if you need a feel-good movie or if this weekend’s big-budget blockbuster is sold out and you’re looking for another option. Instant Family is in theaters now.