Colorblindness and Michelle Williams Shamers

In the post Civil Rights/Loving vs. Virginia era, many people try to have an open mind when it comes to interracial dating. But it’s pretty obvious big strides from the past didn’t fully improve racial understanding for today.

Michelle Williams‘ new boo Chad Johnson proved he was quite green when it came to addressing racial topics. On the OWN show, Chad Loves Michelle, Chad and Michelle were talking to a therapist when Michelle brought up a disagreement they had.

Michelle said Chad didn’t understand a certain way she communicated because he’s not Black. Chad got upset, basically saying race shouldn’t matter in the situation. Instead of exploring the subject even more, apparently the disagreement escalated and Chad asked Michelle if she took her meds that day.


The Internet rightfully got defensive when they heard about what Chad said. Once again, a so-called “color-blind” White person was trying to gloss over racial differences, instead of at least acknowledging that race plays a big part in someone’s history.

The “I don’t see color” mentality took an L once again.

However, some people took things too far when they tried to shame Michelle about her engagement, putting forth the “you should’ve known better” argument.

This was no bueno.

You’re talking about a woman who’s dealing with depression and many people with mental health issues already have deep fears of not getting a partner who loves them or who understands their condition.

There could be a plethora of reasons Michelle is staying with Chad, even if ultimately he might not be the right guy for her.

We don’t know.

And Michelle reiterated this in a talk with “Frank Ski & Wanda In The Morning.”

“We will take a sound bite and we judge a person, we judge a show, we judge a relationship based off of one little clip,” Michelle said. She went on to say Chad apologized for his meds comment and she apologized for the way she talked to him as well. “I got my Mama in me. I can cut you with my words,” she said.

Even though many of us might run far away from an interracial relationship, it seems Michelle is on a journey of her own.

There were some folks on  Twitter who understood.

Despite how you feel about Chad, it seems we’ll have to wait and find out what Michelle thinks is right for her. Hopefully, the Destiny’s Child singer will receive all the necessary support she needs to make the right decision.


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