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Believe it or not, eating Thanksgiving Day leftovers are an essential part of the holiday experience. Folks try to recreate the blissful feeling of eating such a mouth-watering meal. But unfortunately, the scrumptiousness goes away a couple days later.

And that still doesn’t stop people from going back for seconds and thirds for days on end. Tami Roman tweeted, “What is it about Thanksgiving leftovers that you keep going for more even though you’re not HUNGRY?! Lord please stop me from eating every 30 min!!!” @EDoggTheRed joked, “Anybody else just killing time until you can eat leftovers for lunch?”


Making completely different meals out of the leftovers is just more proof that Black folks can make something out of nothing. The remains of the turkey can last for a couple of weeks disguised as everything from Turkey sandwiches and turkey soup to turkey casserole. But believe it or not, there are levels to eating leftovers, There’s an unspoken cap on how long you should have leftovers taking up space in your fridge. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Turkey lasts four days in the fridge. Four months in the freezer for best quality — after four months it can dry out and lose flavor. Also, leftovers should always be reheated to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.

As for the other dishes, you have up to about four days to enjoy everything else you cooked. If you’re still confused or unsure about the proper protocol for your remaining food, let Plies break down the timetable for eating Thanksgiving Day leftovers.

Pregame Wednesday & Thursday: “You cook the food on Wednesday. Thursday you ate the food.”

Leftovers Day 1: “Friday, that’s when it was it’s best.”

Leftovers Day 2: “Saturday, you pushing it.”

Leftovers Day 3: “Sunday, ain’t no more leftovers bih”

Leftovers Day 4: “Monday, ya trippin'”

Leftovers Day 5: “Tuesday, ya a** gettin’ worms if you still eating those leftovers.”

Leftovers Day 6: “Wednesday, hospital”

Leftovers Day 7: “Thursday, Dead.”

Thanks Plies for the detailed breakdown.