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Tiffany Haddish had an amazing year last year — but her kickoff to 2019 started out a little shaky.

The Girls Trip actress totally bombed her New Year’s Eve set in front of a packed house at the James L. Knight center in Miami on Monday. Sources say it was so bad that audience members walked out, and Haddish ended up having some drinks with some of those who remained.

Folks were pretty pissed at Tiff for making them spend their money just for her to be a little incoherent. One fan tweeted, “@TiffanyHaddish just bombed her show in Miami. We left in the middle of her set along with a lot of other people. Very disappointed, I hope that you are better prepared before your next show. #SheNotReady.”

But the bad reviews didn’t come as a surprise to Haddish. She took to Twitter to address the vicious feedback, writing, “Yes this happened. I wish it was better Miami. I prayed on it and I have a strong feeling this will never happened again.”

Fellow comedians and celebs are defending the Emmy Award winner’s subpar set. Marlon Wayans tweeted, “To be honest New Year’s Eve sets are haaaaard as fuck! I had a weird ass ending to my show last night too. Stopped mid joke to do countdown then… GOOD NIGHT.”

Kathy Griffin went hard for Tiffany, adding, “This is the price of fame when you’re a comic. I was so lucky that there wasn’t a Snapchat/Instagram when I was starting out on my first big tour. No REAL comic never bombs. You are a hilarious, incredible talent Tiffany Haddish, and I can’t wait to see you live! Ignore the haters!”

But Tiffany isn’t the first and won’t be the last star to get booed on stage. Hit the flip for more stars who were Sandmanned off the stage.

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