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Last night Christian Bale won the Golden Globe award for best actor for his portrayal of Dick Cheney in the new movie VICE. It’s a biopic about the former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney where Bale fully transforms into Darth Cheney himself. Last night during his acceptance speech he joked about how director Adam McKay needed, “somebody that can be absolutely charisma-free and reviled by everybody” so they went with him.

Another stellar performance by Bale and another award. I got the chance to sit down with Christian Bale and Amy Adams to talk about VICE and I discussed with Bale about the possibility of another award run and how he captured Dick Cheney so perfectly. This film ventures into the abuse of power that Cheney and the Bush administration did to take the country to war and I asked Bale why he thinks politicians are able to get away with so much stuff. He replied, “Because people have to work two jobs. Because people have a tough enough time just surviving and they don’t have time to be able to look into the details which can be ridiculously complicated. Which involve context and understanding the history, understanding personalities. It takes a lot of work. Especially when you get dishonest politicians in the midst of it who are happy to usurp democracy and not be transparent. That, therefore, consumes a lot of time and most people nowadays don’t have that time. They need to survive and they need to support their families, therefore, they need to understand the news very quickly and therefore they can be deceived very quickly as well.

Amy Adams also goes on to say while we have more information than ever before but back in Bush’s days it was a different time. “Goerge Bush wasn’t tweeting about what was happening inside of his mind at this time.” She reveals how the public didn’t know but it takes the curiosity to find out.

Amy also shares a really funny story about how Adam McKay may or may not have got a phone call from Cheney to meet him at a Denny’s. Amy and Christian also go on to discuss the importance of being silly with your kids which perfectly sums up this very serious movie with some very silly moments in it.

Congrats to Christian Bale for winning Best Actor at the 2019 Golden Globes Awards. Vice is in theaters now and you can get the scoop on this week’s Extra Butter w/ Xilla Valentine.

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