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If you’ve seen Unbreakable and Split then you’re more than ready for Glass. The new movie from M Night Shyalaman that hits theaters this Friday, January 18th, 2019 that focuses on Mr. Glass the villain from Unbreakable who believes that superheroes live amongst us. In this world, we start with Unbreakable’s security guard turned real-life superhero “The Overseer” David Dunn on the hunt for The Beast, one of Kevin Wendell Crumb twenty-four personalities. The mentally disturbed man has four women held hostage and the only person strong enough to stop him is The Overseer. Events happen that get the Overseer and The Beast in the same mental facility as Elijah Price the man known as Mr. Glass, who takes credit for turning David Dunn into a superhero by creating numerous tragic accidents to find his guy.

I sat down with James McAvoy and Samuel L Jackson to talk about their new film, Glass. During our conversation, we talked about reprising their roles, found out how James goes from character to character, as well as some backstory for Patricia and Dennis. We even had a little bit of fun and talked about the Drake vs Kanye beef.

I asked Samuel L Jackson if he saw any of Kanye West multi-day twitter rant about Drake and Sam lit up saying, “I see it, I don’t think about it. It’s not part of my world, I just look at it like these kids are doing what these kids are doing. Hopefully, it’s just a twitter beef. It ain’t going to be anything real. It’s not like the old days when they run into each other in the club somewhere and they gonna throw down. Neither one of them is going to fight.”

James McAvoy said he doesn’t really do twitter so he missed Kanye’s rant but he did stay beneath Drake when he was filming “It 2” In Toronto. “There were nights when we were really excited about it and we would listen to see ‘is that him walking around up there? Is he doing his little dance? I was like oh my God. For five months I was in that town, living beneath him and I never saw him once. We shared an elevator dude, and I never met him once.”

Fun stuff but you guys really gotta hear him talk about how he pulled off playing twenty characters from the transitions to the body language of it all. Glass is a really good film that builds one of the best universes in cinema. Check it out everything this Friday. I had the honor of hosting a VIP screening of Glass for some of New York’s coolest kids from Pop Vasquez, Yarisbeth, Weezy from Whorible Decisions and more.