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New Year resolutions can be annoying. While it’s important to have goals, real life can kick in right before you stick the last Post-It up on your “vision board.” Proclamations about who you’re going to be and what you’re going to do might grow stale if you don’t put things into smaller perspective.

Your bills are through the roof?

A love interest is acting trash?

You’re struggling with mental health issues?

Those New Year’s resolutions can go right out the window when these things come into play. So I’ve provided some tips that could help reignite your resolution engine if mid-January already has you done.

Hit the next pages to find out what the issues might be for you and some tips to resolve them.

1. You’re speaking things into existence, but not putting in the moves


“Faith without works is dead” is a famous quote for a reason. Some people speak their dreams into the universe via a New Year resolution, prayer, or even an epic post on social media. But as months go by, it might seem you’re not getting closer to your goal.

Many people would say it’s because you’re not putting in the work. But let’s be honest, the thought of work is exhausting, especially if you already have a lot of other stuff to manage (family, kids, a “work” job that you hate but is necessary for paying bills).

I prefer the words “put in the moves.” Breaking down your goals into tiny moves or steps might make the “work” seem less overwhelming, and then you can steadily move closer to your goal. Got a savings goal? Start off by saving a dollar a day. Want a new job? Apply for a position once a week, then slowly increase your applications as you get in the flow. You got this.

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