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2016 US Open - Day 2

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On Thursday, Serena Williams continued to own the tennis court when she defeated Alize Cornet at the Australian Open.

However, Williams wasn’t the total star in that moment.

Recently, her spotlight has been getting snatched by her daughter’s superstar doll Qai Qai.


Qai Qai belongs to one-year-old Alexis Olympia Ohanian, and she’s already poppin’ on Instagram with more than 90,000 followers.

Her account was started back in August 2018 and since then, Qai Qai has gone from being left on the hardwood floor…


To having front row seats to Serena’s matches.


It’s no wonder she was receiving major attention at the Australian Open.

Serena explained Qai Qai’s appeal in a press conference following a win, saying it was important for her daughter to have someone like Qai Qai. “I wanted her to have a Black doll,” she said. “Growing up, I didn’t have that many opportunities to have Black dolls.”

Serena married Alexis Ohanian, who is White, in November of 2017 and they welcomed Alexis Jr. on September 1, 2017. It seems Serena is already giving her kid diverse representation in a world that isn’t always welcoming to different skin colors.

“I definitely want to always teach her love and teach her just basic human,” Serena said. “Humans should always have love for each other, no matter what color they are.”

In another press conference, after her win Thursday, Serena was asked why she thinks so many people are into Qai Qai, and she responded, “I’m really into the doll. I love Qai Qai.” When asked why she loved the doll, Serena jokingly responded, “Because I personally see Qai Qai firsthand and the struggles that she goes through.”

She continued, “Qai Qai’s mom (Olympia), just forgets about her, so… It’s funny to see what Qai Qai goes through. It’s pretty cute.”

Well it seems thousands of people are here for the cuteness.

If you hop on Qai Qai’s IG page, you’ll find she’s traveling the world…


Doing camera work…


And entering the early stages of Beyhive fandom…


And every now and then, she still hasn’t forgotten where she’s come from…


If you see Qai Qai in the next Toy Story sequel, don’t be surprised.