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Natasha Ndlovu

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Style is objective; but some people are so fashionable and dope that they influence the influencers. Like gorgeous African fashion blogger Natasha Ndlovou whose Instagram page is a burgeoning holy grail for folks who need some style inspiration from time to time. Natasha is also a model and photographer who gives fashion tips and travel advice on her blog, all while effortlessly slaying a sleek look that her followers gag over.


Go to any photo on her page and you’re bound to see a slew of heart eyes and fire emojis. One of Natasha’s followers commented, “You’re literally so fly! I wake up every morning and go on your page just to figure out what I should wear today. You’re my muse.”

Maybe the blogger’s insane style comes from the fact that she received a bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts from the University of British Columbia, which means she knows a thing or two about full artistic expression. Natasha’s glow up is pretty real too. She started her blog Bisous in 2013 and through that, she’s already collaborated with brands like Jimmy Choo, Top Shop and much more.

On Bisous, you can find everything from interviews that Natasha did with other fellow fashion bloggers, to informative pieces where she shares her thoughts and feelings about the fashion industry with her readers.The 31-year old model/blogger also has her own Youtube channel where she vlogs about all things beauty and style. Her new project VIntage Assembly is simply a mood board for fashion-heads and creatives to get their inspo from. Natasha explained, but also create pieces inspired by something old.

“I used to sell vintage a couple of years back on Asos Marketplace under a different name. I love vintage. I love to find one of a kind pieces. There’s so many pieces and trends from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s 90’s that I wish people would just bring back but change it up a little bit. So for me, I was just like “I just want to assemble together some vintage pieces. Hence the name Vintage Assembly”


Natasha’s 93 thousand followers are pretty excited about her 2019 resurgence. One fan wrote, “Vintage assembly sounds very much up my alley. Like you said it can be hard to find certain vintage silhouettes that will fit me. I super hope you will do size inclusive sizing. It always makes me sad when I see beautiful vintage inspired clothing, but I can’t wear it or share it with my plus size friends. Congratulations on your permanent residency and new project!!!”

Catch more of Natasha’s fiercely fab fashions on her Instagram page: @natashandlovu


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