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Solange Knowles displays her blackness loudly and proudly. As the younger sis of Beyonce, Solange has found an identity all her own and that identity is dipping unapologetic blackness.

So what did Solange do to remind us she is Black AF? A lot of things!

First, let’s get into the fact that instead of dropping new promo photos and videos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook like the average uncultured artist, Solange put her money where her Black is and dusted off her Black Planet page. What better way to let the world know that you’re about to come out the gate swinging than reminding them of the first and most culturally important social media platform for African Americans.

Let’s talk about why this is major. So many African American millennials were introduced to social media by way of Black Planet. Black Planet offered you the ability to customize your profile with background wallpapers, music, etc using HTML and C++ (way before Myspace), it provided a guest book where your friends could leave comments, it told you when your homies were online and it allowed for you to connect and meet people within your city with a simple click of a button. Anybody who was anybody had a Black Planet page. Now, it appears Solange is cooking up something for a new album and although she could have promoted it on any platform in the world, she chose the blackest platform there ever was — Black Planet.


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