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Proctor & Gamble Sells Pringles Brand To Diamond Foods For $1.5 Billion

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Chips are everyone’s favorite go-to snack. Their easy, they’re fun, and most of the time they’re cheap as hell. Where you grew up in the world also tends to determine your relationship with potato chips.

“People from the south might have nicer weather but they will never have the delight of Cape Cod potato chips” – @FomTloros

“When I was a little girl, every Chicagoan – who was from the south – put pickle juice and hot sauce on our potato chips!” -@Sadie_75resist

Over the years, companies have gotten creative with the chip flavors. We use to just get the basics: plain, sour cream, maybe Bar-B-Que. But these days, there’s almost a chip flavor for every meal ever made.

“I love eating really flavorful chips bc it’s like having a whole meal that’s BURSTING with flavor in just a few bites of chip.”- @TortiaChips

“Eating chick-fil-a for pregame meal. Tried to convince everyone that Polynesian sauce would be the next best Lays chip flavor.”- @MichaelTaddonio

As with most things that do well in many industries, companies ran the idea of flavored chips into the ground. It was definitely cool at first, but then things took a weird turn.

“You know what flavor I’d love to see from @LAYS?, Potato Chips….just potato chips…..that’s crazy right?.” -@LamottJackson

Lays even has a contest in which fans can come up with new flavor ideas called “#DoUsAFlavor.

“What crazy flavor combos can you think up? Submit at & share on Twitter NOW to get a shout-out from @WayneBrady!”- @Lays

In honor of everyone’s love for chips, let’s take a look at some of the weirdest, wildest most outlandish chip flavors that you have to try at least once. As the saying goes, bet you can’t eat just one.

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