The currently most reliable social media platform had multiple W’s this week.

The obvious win was being a haven for the lost and destitute when Facebook and Instagram went down.

But the Twitter community also showed the upsides of social media when they challenged a major studio over a questionable movie poster.

Marvel released the trailer for Avengers: Endgame this week, and it generated the usual hysteria. Then, they released the official movie poster for the flick and while it boasted an amazing cast, people couldn’t help but notice an important name missing from the top billing.

Danai Gurira‘s name was missing in action even though her character Okoye was clearly shown on the poster.

Marvel even put Bradley Cooper‘s name on the poster who voices Guardians of the Galaxy character Rocket, but they couldn’t give Danai her shine at the top.

But in winning Twitter fashion, folks swiftly came at Marvel for the omission of Danai’s name.


Thankfully, Marvel read the cries of Twitter and quickly released a new poster with Danai’s name clear and present. “She should have been up there all this time,” they tweeted out. “Check out the official Marvel Studios’ poster.”


Twitter was satisfied…


But of course, some people remained petty…


Oh Twitter…

Wins on top of wins.

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