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A video of Jennifer Lopez from 2018 just resurfaced and it’s got the whole internet talking about when men actually mature, or in her words, actually become useful.

The 49-year-old pop star made a pretty bold statement during an episode of Tinder’s Swipe Sessions series, where she gave dating advice to a woman named Brooke in an effort to help her find the perfect date. Early on in the episode, Lopez started off by swiping left (or for those of you who have never used Tinder, she basically “disliked”) on a man purely because his profile said he was 29-years-old.

As she starts to swipe through the multiple different men and their profiles, Jennifer comes across a guy who’s 29 that Brooke seems interested in, but Lopez advises her against the idea, saying, “Guys, until they’re 33, are really useless.”

The next man they come across had a bio that read, “If you store ketchup in the refrigerator, we’re not going to work out” which both the ladies found to be pretty off-putting–And to be fair, he was 27, so J. Lo kept pretty true to her methods throughout this whole experiment.

As we mentioned before, this video came out in 2018, and there are definitely some comments from when it first surfaced of an angry few–but others totally agree with what the singer has to say.

A New York-based relationship expert Dr. Jane Greer explained to Insider that Jennifer Lopez might not be wrong if commitment is what someone is looking for in a man.

She told the mag: “It can take men into their early 30s to establish their professional career and feel a sense of financial stability, which helps them feel more secure in life. As a result, this can give them the maturity that comes with accomplishment, experience, and success. Sometimes you see a guy who’s been in several relationships but then, in his early 30s, suddenly he meets a woman and is ready to marry her.”

Like many people have mentioned online, Jennifer definitely has a history of dating men younger than her, so she’s probably able to speak from experience on this one. A lot of fans are also bringing up the fact that Drake–who’s now 32–date Lopez when he was 30, so he might be part of the reason she has this philosophy.

This video resurfacing comes right after the recent proposal and engagement between J. Lo and 43-year-old Alex Rodriquez.

Like any viral moment, people have some differing opinions on this topic–but most women can at least attest to the fact that men mature at a much slower rate. Take a look at some of the reactions to Jennifer’s fool-proof dating plan below: