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Just when you think August Alsina‘s relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith is completely platonic and a beautiful representation of a mentor and her “son”….

August has to mess it all up with a more-than-friends song confession…allegedly.

Mr. Alsina is causing buzz across the Internet for the release of his song “Nunya,” which is a remix of Kehlani‘s song by the same name.

In a music video for the track, August seems to be texting someone named Koren, which so happens to be Jada Pinkett’s middle name. Through his texts and song lyrics, August sings, “Why is you textin’ me/ Asking who next to me/ Why you care about who having sex with me?/ Now u all on my line why you pressing me/ Cause I got her legs open like sesame/ What I got cooking with her ain’t your recipe!”


The Internet couldn’t help but think that Koren was codename for Jada, and August is defending himself from a woman who’s all up in his romantic business. August even drops a GIF of Jada in the video with his line “you’re just an actress putting on a show,” further alluding to the idea that him and Jada might have some secret romantic strife going on. Peep the visuals for yourself below.


Jada Pinkett is currently in a “life partnership” with Will Smith and, of course, they have their two kids together, Jaden and Willow.

So this begs the question…

Is Jada having a fling with August behind their backs, or is August trolling the Internet with a faux confession….maybe to generate album buzz?

Either way, the Internet thought August was doing TOO much.  


Jada and Will have yet to comment on the spicy song, so we might have to wait for the next Red Table Talk to get their thoughts.

Until then, hit the next pages for a timeline of August Alsina’s relationship with Jada, and you can decide for yourself if this is all a game, or if things are getting a little too real.

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