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2015 Lollapalooza - Day 2

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It’s that time of year again when major FOMO starts to kick in for every millennial who can’t afford to ball out and take a trip to Coachella. Curators bank on people’s fear of missing out on something cool and fun to drive ticket sells — and sadly, it works every time.

“The Coachella fomo is already real and it hasn’t even started yet lmao”- @alyssayayyaa

“Mentally preparing myself for the Coachella fomo I’m about to have next weekend…” _katethegreat

When people your age are spending almost thousands of dollars to travel to a desert to party with “cool people”, wear dope, expensive gear (usually appropriating native american culture), it makes you think that you’re doing something totally wrong with your life.

“Some of my friends are at Coachella, and most of my friends are at the Spring Game. Meanwhile, I slept for 10 hours.” @Mariahkoneke

But how much is Coachella actually costing folks? As pointed out, when considering attending Coachella, you might focus on the cost of passes, but you’ll also need to plan for the cost of food, drinks and lodging while at the festival.

Lodging: Various nearby hotels offer festival packages. Prices include the hotel stay, shuttle service and passes for either two or four people and start at $2,445 for two people and go up to $7,899 for four people.

Food: The cost of food and drinks will depend on the vendors you choose or if you opt to prepare your own meals. The most expensive food option is a four-course Outstanding in the Field dinner, made by the finest chefs, which is available for $225 per person.

If you’re lucky, you can find passes on the low from $380-$500. And depending on whether or not you’re coming from out of states, those flights can be expensive as hell. Oh and don’t forget about the alcohol — that’s another bill in itself.  The people who have the money spare no expense on having a good time. But for the ones who don’t have it like that, don’t fret! There are plenty more affordable lituations that are just as dope as Coachella.

Hit the flip for some budget-friendly festivals you can attend this year.

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