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If the movies 13 going on 30, BIG and Freaky Friday were combined together the end result would be LITTLE. Marsai Martin stars in and executive produces Universal Pictures’ LITTLE, a comedy directed by Tina Gordon who also directed Peeples and ATL, that is produced by Will Packer the man who brought you smash hits like Girls Trip, Ride Along, and Think Like a Man franchise. The film tells a story of a woman named Jordan played by Regina Hall, who is a cut throat-stickler of a boss to her tech-savvy assistant, April played by Issa Rae. Jordan terrorizes her employees daily until a magical wish turns grown-up Jordan into a kid again, played by Marsai Martin.

Imagine waking up as your 13-year-old self again, what would you do?. We sat down with Issa Rae and said if Little Issa could give big Issa advice she would tell her “I would tell her to have more fun, we wanted this, what are you stressing for? Why are you doing this much work? Where’s the play at and I’d listen to her too”. LITTLE is humorous and heartwarming as we watch the mean CEO learn her life lessons. The character Jordan must face her past of middle school, accepting her true self and making real friends. Regina Hall shared some of her life reflections saying, “Life doesn’t give you what you want, you should never think “I should have”, that just

makes you miserable; It’s more than just being gracious, there‘s a lot of existences that go on in the world and I think we just get spoiled, or what we are entitled to. There is always something to be grateful for”. Halls performance was witty and fun to watch, her strong attitude carried the character of Jordan throughout the entire film.

Issa Rae and Marsai Martin have an undeniable on-camera connection that made the comedic moments click right on time. Martin not only pitched this film but also drew inspiration from one of her favorite films BIG starring Tom Hanks. If you look deeper into the movie you will see where the uplifting messages arise. We spoke with Regina Hall and Issa Rae about uplifting each other in a work setting, black competition, creating opportunities, staying true to you regardless of outside circumstances, Black girl magic and more. LITTLE will give you feel good laughs from beginning to end. Don’t miss it in theatres this Friday, April 12th .