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Having a sibling can be one of the most fulfilling, frustrating, exciting, draining experience a person can have in this lifetime. If you happen to like your sibling,  you get a built in best friend. But if you don’t, that usually means a lifetime of emotional turmoil.

“Y’all ever come across a sibling relationship & just Know whoever wrote it was a lonely child bc the dynamics are so unrealistic? having a sibling is just like….one minute u want to strangle them with limp noodles & the next minute ur singing dramatic duets together. that’s it.”- Kzabrekker

Everyone has their own unique relationship with their sibling, but when it comes to being the oldest child, that’s a whole distinctive experience of it’s own.  Being the first born is somewhat like a gift and a curse. According to Culture Trip:

“The kind of nurturing you received as a child—a mix of focused attention and rigid rules—gave you a very specific set of characteristics. Oldest kids tend to be ambitious high-achievers who are reliable, structured, conscientious, cautious, and sometimes controlling. Younger siblings see them almost as a third parent, because the first-born is generally sensible and happy to play by the rules.”

As oldest children, we’re the ones who make our mothers, mothers and our fathers, fathers for the first time. We’re sort of like the guinea pig for the whole parenting thing.

“Being the oldest child is such an experience, you get the best and worse situations growing up, deadass a crash dummy. Like if your life turns to shit at least the younger siblings know what not to do.”- @_2Free

No shade to the youngests of the bunch, but it’s time to put some respeck on the oldest kid. In honor of National Siblings Day, let’s take a look at some of the ugly truths only the eldest of the bunch would understand.


Always Taking The Blame


Having To Be The Responsible One


Parents Were Much More Strict With You


You Wish You Had Someone Older To Talk To


Having To Babysit


Having Things In Your Room Go Missing


Being The Designated Driver


Being Copied

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