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While girls everywhere scream obscenities at their boyfriends to the sweet sound of the City Girls, it turns out everything we thought we thought we knew about JT and Yung Miami is different than it seems.

Many people already knew that fellow QC artist Lil Yachty was credited as one of the writers for the popular girl duo’s hit single “Act Up,” but as it turns out, he had a way bigger hand in making the song than a lot of fans thought. In a brand new interview with Kerwin Frost, the Atlanta rapper revealed that he actually wrote the entirety of City Girls’ hit song “Act Up,” except for one verse.

Yachty set the record straight about his major contribution to the song after seeing people all over the internet trying to downplay his involvement in the track. Lil Boat said that once he heard people claiming he only contributed a line or two, he wanted to make sure he was clear about just how much of the single was written by him.

“He may have said like one thing in the studio and they credit him,” Yachty said, quoting those who don’t believe in his contributions. He goes on to explain, “I wrote the whole song except for JT’s last verse. But everything that everyone is singing and all. I wrote the whole thing.”

Boat also mentions that it wasn’t too difficult for him to really get into character and the group’s headspace, saying he was able to channel the energy of headstrong and raunchy hits by women for some inspiration. “I just thought like them. I know them personally. I know what women like to hear…what’s just some raunchy s**t?”

Unsurprisingly, this information about Yachty’s MAJOR contribution to “Act Up” has people online cracking some serious jokes about the situation. Like some people have mentioned, artists write for others all the time, but there’s something about Lil Yachty actually being behind these lyrics about being a “real a** b**ch” just makes the whole situation even more hilarious.

Check out the most hilarious tweets about the news that Lil Yachty is really everyone’s favorite member of City Girls.

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