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Minnesota Timberwolves v Portland Trail Blazers

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As of Wednesday afternoon, folks are still coming back to life after Damian Lillard sunk a jaw-dropping shot resulting in some cocky commentary and hilarious memes.

If you missed the action, the Portland Trail Blazers were in a heated game against the Oklahoma City Thunder in an effort to win Game 5 of the first round series playoffs. The two teams were neck and neck, then right when the buzzer was about to hit, Lillard dropped a 37-foot 3-pointer right in Paul George‘s face, giving the Blazers a 118-115 win.

It was poetic.

Peep the shot for yourself below.


Dame’s post-shot celebration was immediately solidified in NBA history.


Along with scoring 50 points in the game, Lillard’s epic 3-pointer was the icing on the cake for an already tense season with Russell Westbrook. The OKC player is known to taunt Lillard with trash talk or cocky gestures and according to CBS Sports, Westbrook once told Lillard back in January that he’d been “busting that a$$ for years.”

Then, in Game 3 of the first round series, Westbrook scored on Lillard and made the “rock the baby” gesture.


OKC’s Dennis Schröder even joined in on the Lillard ridicule by imitating Lillard’s “Dame Time” motion at one point during Game 3.

Despite all the pettiness, Lillard came into the series owning the court, making various 30-foot or more shots and solidifying his nickname “Logo Lillard.” Below is footage of Lillard opening up Game 1 with a logo-vicinity shot.


When Lillard sunk his 37-foot shot in Paul George’s face, winning Game 5 and knocking OKC out the series, he definitely showed off on court. He waved at OKC players, explaining later in a press conference:

“The series was over, that was it. I was just waving goodbye to ’em. After Game 3, Dennis Schröder was out there pointing to his wrist, they was out there doing all these celebrations and doing all this stuff and we kept our composure. And after one win that was what they decided to do and we was just like ‘OK, what we want to do is win four games. And when we win those four games, there’s not gonna be nothing to talk about.’ So that’s what that was.”


On top of all this, Lillard’s celebration face easily created one of the best memes of the year.


Some folks even took time out to trash Westbrook now that Dame has been, in fact, “busting that a$$” on the court…


Hit the next pages for more hilarious memes to come from Logo Lillard’s shot, including a couple more digs at Westbrook!


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