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Obama Addresses Nation On Deadline Date For Combat Troops To Leave Iraq

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The president is being trash and usually marginalized youth are taking their crowns. Losers of the week below, then hit the flip to find out who won big!


Trump’s White House fast food (AGAIN) 

Yes the current man in the White House loses like…every week.

But in the name of the most petty and irritating L’s, Trump did it again with his triflingly cheap gift to athletes.

According to USA Today, the Baylor University women’s basketball team visited the White House on Monday and instead of feasting on a unique meal, Donald Trump greeted them with reheated fast food.

Photos of the occasion showcased fancy plates filled with Burger King, Chick-fil-A, McDonald’s and Wendy’s.


Donnie served such basic food before with the Clemson Tigers college football team back in January. However, the Baylor Lady Bears definitely couldn’t hide there reactions as well as the other team.


They seemed completely over it.

Even head coach Kim Mulkey was disgusted.

Obama would never.


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